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Existing companies

promishl14989While the specifics of these processes is essential for determining the baseline and the efficiency calculations. For example, the renewal of fixed assets of existing companies connected with such a characteristic moment partial use after the reconstruction of the means of labor, which functioned prior to reconstruction. Therefore, the same elements of fixed assets uchastvujut the creation of products, and hence profit, i.e. create a certain economic benefit. It makes inace than in new construction, to determine the efficiency of investments in reconstruction.

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Design solutions

promishl13983However, along with considered simultaneously apply such factors to compensate for the increase in the cost of unit of production capacity or lead to its further decline. This is the event for the deployment of effective design solutions, scientific and technical progress in technology and organization of production, modern equipment with integrated isolated power and etc. Meanwhile, the calculations show that due to these measures is compensated only up to 20% increase in the unit cost of production capacity.

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Chemical and petrochemical industry

promishl18779In 1976-1980 provided the accelerated development of the industry: the production will increase by approximately 1.7 times. We will need to significantly expand the range of products based on deeper processing of raw materials, improve quality, improve the technical level of production. We present the main development trends and technological improvements in the chemical and petrochemical industry:

The increase of chemical production, properties superior to conventional materials and provide significant economic benefits both during production and in consumers ;

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Scope of work

promishl18225The volume of work here on Moskvoretsky brewery on the volume of works on construction of new workshops of the main production purpose amounted to more than 60% of the volume of reconstruction works under the project. This is a typical extension, not reconstruction. The same position in the Moscow factory. S. Ordzhonikidze and Stankoagregat, where the production area of the main shops increase 1.7—1.8 times.

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promishl11555EAF SeaTac, Minchermet the USSR in the tenth five-year plan on the number of operating enterprises has provided for the construction of electric steelmaking shops with furnaces with a capacity of 100 tons, With a given gauge of steel, which will be produced in these workshops, it would be appropriate facilities

To reap greater furnace capacity: with high capacity furnaces 200 tons specific capital costs could decline by 7-8%, and proizvoditelnosti would be increased by 15-20%. Meanwhile, there are already examples of furnaces with capacity up to 360 t

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